Updated: Nov 19, 2019

The universe is giving lots of nudges lately.

Check yourself to see if you've gotten upset that something hasn't gone your way lately. Now take a step back and look at what it's nudging you about.

We have been diving into these nudges with people all week and finding that each of them said they were going to do something -- a goal, a promise to themselves or a commitment to do something that would improve their lives -- and each of them didn't follow through. They had ignored or procrastinated on looking into the thing, making a call, taking that action that they knew moved them forward.

Circumstances changed for each of them and they got upset. This is finding a way to continue your resistance, folks. Another tactic to stay in your comfort zone.

When you put the energy of change out into the universe and mentally tick off the things in your head you are going to do to give momentum to that energy, the proverbial ball starts rolling.

When you don't follow through on your part, you become out of alignment with the energy you put out. This is when the universe gives you nudges and sometimes big kicks in the ass to launch you back into alignment. Most often getting pissy seems to be the common reaction. This calls back the energy you put out and stunts the change you wanted. See the vicious cycle?

So how do you break the cycle?

Here is the one easy step - choose to receive the nudges with a different meaning. Know the nudges are there to help you, not to make your life miserable. Take the nudges as your cue to shift your energy. Use the Pause tool we talk about all the time and review the commitments you have made to yourself. A journal comes in super handy here so you can plug back into what you said you would do and where you want to be. Remember that a NO doesn't mean you are not being supported. It means this is not exactly your lane and if you pivot just a little bit you can get the YES you are looking for.

The best tool for the job is GRACE. Gracefully accepting change. Sounds much more powerful than being pissy and protesting change, doesn't it? Especially when change is what we all desire. Embrace those nudges and use them to get back on track. Thank the universe instead of cursing it while expecting it to hand you what you said you want when you haven't put in the effort on your part. Show up for yourself. Be gracious in accepting the nudges as the universe supporting your alignment and your dreams.

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