Goals are Promises to Yourself!

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

Does this sound familiar?

I'll do it later, tomorrow, next week.

I'm too tired.

I don't feel like it.

Then you wind up frustrated that your intentions aren't manifesting and spiraling down into more "I'm tired" and "I don't feel like its".

Your goals are promises to yourself and they let you know how you are doing. They become the stepping stones of your vision so you never lose your way again.

Kick the EXCUSES out of the driver's seat and let your SOUL take the lead.

We deep dive into this in the third step of the Know for Yourself Method so you stop self-sabotaging and start giving yourself the evidence you need to truly KNOW you can create what you want.

An easy tool to start making progress...a Habit Tracker. We just completed a month of staying on point with habits that support our solid foundation to build our work upon. The key = Accountability. We have a phenomenal coach (every great coach has their own great coach!) and we created a consequence if we didn't follow through.

You would think feeling crappy, frustrated and disappointed would be enough motivation, but we all get comfortable here.

We chose something that we absolutely would never want to do - our consequence >>> having to donate to Trump if we didn't follow through. You better believe that was enough motivation for us to push through every day!

The pain of not following through was greater than the pain of doing something that moves us forward. Silly we have to play these games with ourselves sometimes. Whatever works!

PLEASE stop breaking promises to yourself. STOP letting yourself off the hook. Your dreams can happen if you get the support you need and just start moving towards what you want.

Kick the EXCUSES out of the driver's seat and let your SOUL take the lead.

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