The question being asked today is of the utmost importance because it can free you from living in the past and center you to live in the here and now. If your history is nothing, but an endless loop of bad memories and unsavory experiences, then it is time to catapult yourself to the present moment. Wasting valuable time in the past is exactly that, a waste of time. Imagine all the things you would be experiencing right now if you would stop camping out there. You would see that everything you need and want is already standing before you. All you have to do is reach out and grab it. 

Take a moment to really open to the question - What does living in the past give you that your present moment does not?

If you are like us (and most of our clients) you started making a list in your head of all the things living in those memories gives you. Some lists are full of the positives like I felt loved, I felt abundant, I felt sexy, etc... And other lists are full of trauma like I felt worthless, I felt used, I felt abandoned, etc.. Or a list of both where it depends on which part of the story you are in which part of the list you are tapping into. These lists are really just scratching the surface of living in the past. They provide excellent anchors into what you want in your present moment and an awesome guide into places that can be healed. Now let's go deeper into what the real root answer to the question is.......No, you don't need to figure it out for yourself. We can tell you that the root of it all is one word - SAFETY or SECURITY or CERTAINTY (choose the word that resonates the most for you...maybe a combination of them all). In the positive list, you felt secure in who you are, in how you were seen and in the powerful energy of that experience so it makes sense you would want to camp there. BUT....what new, more powerful, more fulfilling experiences are you missing out on by remaining in a recall loop??? In the negative list, the experience sucks, but it's better than some unknown new experience that could happen in the present. Your mind tries to keep you safe from any more hurt by constantly reminding you of the past hurt. BUT again....what new, more powerful, more fulfilling experiences are you missing out on by remaining in a recall loop??? Living here gives you a sense of safety because as the saying goes "better the beast you know", but the memory cannot stop life from happening and leaves you ill-equipped to handle new difficult situations or open to new potential positive outcomes. SO WHAT DO YOU DO ABOUT IT? In our current belief, the past is the fixed story and therefore, feels like security. The present moment feels like the big unknown because it is ever changing. This is how we've been taught to process life. HERE IS YOUR TOOL: Let's flip that belief and make your vision of how you want to be seen, who you know you truly are on a soul level and what type of powerful energy you choose to stand in your constant, fixed present moment. This is how we navigate day-to-day life with ease and comfort. This is how you create security in the current moment. When you build that muscle to make yourself the certain part of life, the need to live in the memory starts to release. Note: The memory doesn't go away. The memory starts to become more of a reference point to help us decide boundaries in the current moment. The memory becomes a guide of what our strong hell yes and strong hell no are. The memories become useful instead of our own personal jail. This is why we are here for you. It is our mission to assist and support in reconnecting you with your soul self so your soul intentions are what you are running towards instead of falling back into what once was and can never be again. Open to a new way of holding yourself in the present. Stand up a little taller. Love yourself a little more. Be a little kinder to yourself and others. Small consistent shifts to build your CERTAINTY muscle until you thrive in the present moment. Allow us to walk with you and reach out when you need to remember how to be your own safety.