Change is Inevitable

Updated: Feb 24, 2019

We often think of change as being this unreachable thing that will require way too much out of us. Yet, change is all we ever think about and want. Change happens no matter what so let’s stop pretending that we can stop it from happening because we can’t. All we are really doing is resisting. Resisting leads us to limited thinking, limited behaviors and limited actions. Knowing that we are resisting is key here.

Let resistance lead the way!

Resistance shows up in many ways each uniquely built for us. A few examples: back pain, headaches, neck pain, “I’m too busy,” “I’m too tired,” and then add in all the emotional/mental ailments and we have got ourselves one heck of a trojan horse. The good news is resistance is temporary. The great news is that resistance leads the way. Here is the thing, once we are aware that we are in resistance there is an easier way forward.

Ask yourself these key questions:

What is triggering fear?

Why am I choosing to feel this way?

How is resistance serving me?

If we answer these questions honestly, we will find the core issues that rob us from our ability to create sustainable change in our lives. We are our own worst enemy at times, so having a simple, yet clear method that we can apply on the fly can be our best friend.

Change happens folks - that’s the reality of things. However, how daunting the change will be is up to you. Like we always say, it all starts with you. So these are the steps to put into play:

Start with YOU - ask yourself the questions we wrote above.

Routine - Just because it’s what you have always done, doesn’t mean it’s working. Create new amazing habits based on the knowledge you acquired from the questions and that will create the change you are looking for.

Create a new ending – Once your path is clear of resistance, it is time to ACT! Because if you don’t, you’re just going to get more of the same shit. Who the heck likes being on a hamster wheel? NO ONE! (Well, except a hamster – which you are not!)

Take steps/actions that will get you ever closer to the changes you truly want. The best part is if you do it this way you will begin to see sustainable and measurable changes unfolding. No wishful thinking. Create the change you wish for.

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