Befriend Your Inner Dragon

Updated: Nov 19, 2019

You know that moment when you feel your inner dragon bubbling up or oftentimes rapidly rising to the surface? That part of you that feels pissed or uncomfortable and wants to touch everything around you.

Befriend the dragon. Create the dreams.

How often has that part of you destroyed things around you that could have been or already were positive aspects of your life? And once you realized this happened you made it your work to tame the dragon....most often unsuccessfully.

How many times have you underutilized this part of you and allowed people to overstep your boundaries? Remember all the times you said yes when you wanted to say no. The times you compromised yourself to please someone else. And once you realized this happened you vowed to make it your work to never undervalue yourself again...most often unsuccessfully.

It's a vicious cycle that Wolf & I find many of you feeling trapped in. It's a roller coaster ride of protecting yourself and destroying what will build you up. It's actually a defense mechanism cleverly crafted by the ego to keep you safe.

The dragon is important. Use it wisely.

To break the cycle, you need a different approach. Your work here lies in befriending the dragon!

Make a deal with your inner dragon that when it feels the need to rise you will pause and ask, "Is the source of what I want to torch something that outside of this moment enhances my life?" If the answer is yes then thank the dragon for coming to your defense and tell yourself that you are safe. This helps reprogram the mind and the dragon will start to learn when it is really needed.

When you find yourself getting that gut feeling that you are compromising yourself, call on your dragon. Ask the question, "Is the source of what is bumping up against my values something that needs to be removed from my life?" Utilize your dragon for its courage, its big heart and its ability to destroy what truly no longer serves us.

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