Bad Mood Be Gone

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Gratitude is one of many critical points to creating a kickass life.  It can keep the naysayer in you at bay.  Bad mood be gone!  When you deliberately practice being grateful, happiness will be a side effect.  Some other side effects are compassion, kindness, and deep sleep.  When you commit to being in a state of gratitude, you are also saying HELL YES to your high personal vibration. The trick is staying there. 

So here are four tips on how to create a daily gratitude practice:

1. How you see things matter.

You may have heard the quote by Alice Morse: "Every day may not be good...  but there's something good in every day." 

Now, tap into the parts of your life that you struggle with, then say, "I'm grateful for __________.  We genuinely want you to challenge yourself to see the good in your day, life, or situation. Then be super grateful.

2. Keep a gratitude journal.

There is a great deal of research around this on how it can be a game-changer.  It will alter your perception, which then creates pathways that help you find more things to be grateful for.  Can you see how this is a win-win? 

Start a gratitude journal by committing to list three things each day.  YES! Just 3.  We recommend doing this before the start of your day, but if you can't, then do it before you go to bed.  There is nothing too small to be grateful for.

3. Do YOU.

Having the ability to do things the way we want is so very important.  Maybe you don't like to keep a journal; feel free to try other creative ways to track your grateful moments.  You can create a "gratitude jar" or come up with something similar.  You can use the note app on your phone or a voice blog on your recorder app.  The key is that you do it, and there is evidence of it, so that you can go back to it whenever you need to.  It can also give you a perfect idea of what your patterns are.  However, that's another exercise for another time. 

4. Thank You, Thank you, Thank you.

Being seen and/or showing appreciation gives us a FEEL GOOD FEELING. 

So always be thankful.  When we say thank you or show gratitude no matter what's going on, it takes the edge off in an instant.  Take it one step further with an act of kindness and you might start a ripple effect that the people around you can follow.

Whether it's a beautiful sunset, a kind word, a smile, rain, or clouds, take a second to smile as an expression of your appreciation.  A few moments of gratitude each day, be it written or spoken, can shift your mindset and help you live a happier life.