A Year of Kindness

Hello folks,

It's been a long while since I was inspired to write. Not for lack of what to say, but because I felt like there was way too much noise already. We have started a new year, and it seems like 2020 has brought forth kindness, authenticity, and just getting back to our grassroots. I do hope that it carries through the year.

We need unity as human beings because only together will we get out of this weird heavy energy that set camp on humanity. Playing witness is the name of the game. Please pay attention to what is happening in your life, and also outside of it.

One thing is clear: GETTING BACK TO KINDNESS

Honestly, I am digging it! I know that globally things are going to shit, but seeing people looking one other in the eyes again, finding common ground, and genuinely understanding on some level that we all need each other has been awesome to watch. How and why this is all shifting is unknown, but it's happening. In the spirit of bringing KINDNESS back, lets understand what it means.

Definition of kindness: Merriam Webster

1: the quality or state of being kind, treating people with kindness and respect. 2: a kind deed: FAVOR They did me a great kindness.

I believe that we have entered the state of being kind, and that is very exciting. By no means am I saying that people aren't still being shits and doing very questionable things, but for the most part, the dominant energy is KINDNESS. I have been wondering what changed? Why now? This type of energy was losing its coolness for so long. Since the clock struck midnight and the decade ended, it's been giving humanity a newfound clarity. Its as if someone or something turned ON the switch, and we can all see each other once again. Which brings me to yet another question - why were we all in the dark for that damn long? Whatever the case is, KINDNESS is ruling, and I am all into making this place more accessible to higher energies. I will leave you with this. Be aware of yourself and others. Be humble and full of gratitude, and most of all, be KIND. The energy you put out will always return to you, so be mindful if it. Here is to a year of self-love, deep conversations, loving smiles, and kindness.